uchanlpic transparent About U-Channels

Multi-Wall U-channels are pre-formed protective pads constructed of laminated layers of 3/16” A flute single face corrugated paper. These pads are designed to various thickness and lengths to meet or exceed National Motor Freight Specifications.

Available liners, lengths, widths and wall thickness
The need for foam or polyethylene wrapping, and the labor to apply them to your product can  often be eliminated when U-channels are ordered with our non-abrasive liners. U-channels are available with standard corrugated liner or with optional non-abrasive linings: Michelman®(wax) coating, MULTI-SOFT tissue, or micro foam. U-channels are available in groove widths from 3/4" to 5”. Pad lengths are available from 6” to 150”. Wall thickness are available from 3/8” to 3/4”.

Typical Uses for U-Channels
  • Mirrors
  • Headboards
  • Office partitions
  • Table tops
  • Picture frames
  • Rocking chair legs
  • Glass doors
  • Any flat surfaces that need protection on top and bottom edges,