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About Paper Pallets

Paper pallets are valued for a number of attributes, including ISPM-15 compliance, sanitation, light weight and are 100% recyclable. They are great for one-way shipping applications and they can be easily customized to a variety of sizes and styles. Paper pallets are manufactured using corrugated, honeycomb or a combination of both depending on product need.

Paper pallets can help reduce shipping costs because they weigh only a fraction of wood or plastic pallets. On average they are 75% lighter, and require less fuel when transporting your product, reducing freight charges, price per pallet, and overall cost to deliver.

Paper Pallets VS. Wood Pallets

  • 105 lbs vs 525 lbs
  • 30 inches vs 72 inches tall
  • No Chemical Treatment
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Manufactured with Post Consumer Recycled and Sustainable Materials
  • No Splinters, No Nails
  • Free of pest infestation
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Our Design Solutions Team can recommend different options in order to optimize, strength, space, material and cost.

2-way corrugated pallets


Two-way pallets can be entered by forklifts or other handling aids either from their front or rear. They comprise of three basic elements: the top deck boards, the runners at the sides and the bottom deck boards or baseboards. Twoway pallets are very durable and can be less expensive than customized options.


Four-way pallets can be entered from either end and both sides by both fork lifts and powered or manual pallet jacks. This allows the operator greater ease to maneuver within a distribution or storage enviornment and provides for better utilization in transit. It is another low cost option compared to specialty pallets.

hybrid corrugated ballets


Hybrid pallets are made from corrugated and honeycomb decks, runners and blocks. Utilizing a combination of these materials offers many options for heavy load volume and deck thickness, which provides stiffness from potential bending or bowing from weight.

all honeycomb corrugated pallets

All Honeycomb

Honeycomb pallets can handle heavy load volume and can be made with a variety of deck, and block thicknesses. Honeycomb material allows customization so these pallet options are often more cost effective, but offer the needed load performance.

all corrugated pallets

All Corrugated

Corrugated pallets are excellent for extremely heavy loads and hold up very well in rigorous shipping and warehouse environments. They work well when more reliance on blocks than decks are needed.

round corrugated pallets


Round pallets are specifically designed for round and cylindrical applications such as fabric, foam and films that to need ship on-end.

low profile corrugated pallets

Low Profile

Low Profile pallets are shorter and lighter than standard pallets, but still can support heavy load volume. They allow for more product to be shipped with less storage space for the pallet.

4-way corrugated paper pallets


Specialty pallets are designed to fit loads which do not conform well to standard pallet sizes and shapes. They are customized using different components, pads, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and unique die-cuts.

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