honeycomb flat panels

About Honeycomb

HONEYCOMB is a rugged, cost-effective, custom engineered kraft paper material that is stronger than corrugated cardboard and less expensive than wood. Honeycomb provides a variety of protective packaging solutions including, transportation dunnage, inner product protection during shipments, packaging fillers and pallets.

Honeycomb is made by joining individual bands of kraft paper together into a series of continuous hexagonal cells. In most cases, the cells are faced on both sides with similar materials to create an exceptionally strong product.

Manufactured from renewable resources, Honeycomb is biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

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honeycomb reserve slit score

Reverse Slit Score / Slit Score

Reverse Slit Score Honeycomb is made by cutting through one facing paper and through the core material and then by cutting the opposite facing paper at another location to create a fan-folding effect in the panel. Single Slit Score is produced the same way but leaves the other facing paper intact to create a folding hinge
in the panel.

honeycomb cookie cut


Cookie-cut Honeycomb is made by creating a slit in both facing papers and a portion of the core, leaving the panel held together by the uncut center core. Runners and small inner pieces can be stacked for ease of packaging and handling, allowing them to be separated easily by gently pulling each piece apart as needed.

honeycomb die cut


Die-cut Honeycomb is made by producing panels with holes that are cut through the material in the desired shape or thickness. Die-cut panels can be either glued to a flap panel to create a tray for bulk packing or used to surround an item for inner packing.

honeycomb psa pressure sensitive adhesive

PSA Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

PSA Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Honeycomb is manufactured with a high-tack adhesive that is applied to one side of a honeycomb panel and covered with a release paper. The paper is removed by the end-user so that the panel can
be used as a block support in pallets or inner packaging.

honeycomb flat panels

Flat Panels

Honeycomb Flat Sheets are made with the hexagonal cells sandwiched between durable paper layers. Facing papers and dimensions can be customized for strength and various applications.

honeycomb pallets


Honeycomb pallets can hold a significant amount of weight and are a 100% recyclable alternative to expensive wood or plastic pallets. Our pallets are custom designed to fit your strength and size needs.

General Honeycomb Specifications

Standard Sizes
Thickness: .5″ to 4″
Width: 4″ to 48″
Length: 12″ to 144″
*Additional sizes and variations available

Standard Strength

  • Light and heavy duty cells are available
  • Pounds per sq inch: 5 PSI to 60 PSI
  • A variety of cell sizes and paper combinations can be used to achieve desired strength
  • Cell and paper structures can be recommended by our design solutions team

Liner Grades

  • Light and heavy duty liners are available

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