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About Roll Edge Protection

Roll Edge or Edge Band is a packaging product that provides protection to cylindrical products such as paper, wire, sheet metal and cabling. It is easy to work with and apply to product rolls and can be used in conjunction with wrappers, headers or stretch wrap systems. A unique feature of Multi-Wall’s edge protector is the die cutting and creasing configuration that locks the 90 degree pre-bent fingers against the roll of material. In addition to our standard product offering, other fiber calipers, band sizes and finger lengths are available on request.


  • Provides resistance to tearing or crimping of roll edges.
  • Separates rolls from contact with truck, floor and walls.
  • Provides buffer between rolls.
  • Reduces abrasion and tearing.
  • Easy to apply to roll product.
Standard Roll Edge products  Description ft./roll rolls/pallet
.040  3″ band, 3″ fingers 350 40
.040  3″ band, 5″ fingers 350 40
.050  3″ band, 5″ fingers 250 40
.050  4.5″ band, 5″ fingers 250 32

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